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Our Story

Here's how it all started

Like all great stories, ours begin with a group of fearless females on a mission: to prove it’s possible to create an innovative brand of luxury-inspired makeup at excellent prices. Founded by Christina Oster-Daum, we first opened our doors in Germany in 2004 and since then, our ever-expanding global presence in over 50 countries proved what we always knew – makeup wearers everywhere crave high quality makeup at prices that make sense.

The story doesn’t stop here. In 2015, we made our way to the US and today out of our office in New York City, we are proud to independently continue the work we’ve been doing since day one – shooting for the moon in everything we do and promising our community products marked by the same freshness that got us excited in the first place. This bring us to our 4 beauty philosophies:

Luxury-Inspired makeup

When it comes to how we invest all our time and money, we will always remain true to our core belief: value over anything else. The result? Makeup with high-quality ingredients, luxurious textures and innovative formulas, all of this at a price point that gives our community the freedom play and experiment with makeup. While big budget TV ads and famous ambassadors are great, we let the quality of our product do all the talking.

Driven by innovation

We are a start-up group here in NYC and we love it! We don’t wait for someone else to build it, we do it ourselves. Being driven by innovation means we know that our work is never done and by approaching every aspect of our business in this way we never miss a beat and make sure there is always something new to discover.

Everyone is a makeup artist at heart

We are inspired by our community and their shared passion for makeup. Their commitment to mastering their craft, openness to learning and generosity in sharing their knowledge with each other makes them so much more than just makeup lovers, it makes them makeup artists at heart.

Cruelty Free

We do not carry out or commission any testing on animals for the manufacture of our products. This applies to the end products as well as to all ingredients. Our suppliers are also required to certify in writing that their products have been manufactured without testing on animals.

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