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February 14, 2017 By
  • Beauty-Hacks

Creative Tips for Restoring Broken Makeup

Broken makeup happens, but an unfortunate crack in your favorite cult bronzer doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s destined for the trash. Pick up the pieces with these creative tips.

Crush and Restore

When a pressed powder is dropped on a tiled floor there’s a slim chance of survival. If today began with an accident, you can easily salvage the morning with a little bit of rubbing alcohol. Cover the powder with plastic wrap and crush all of the makeup into a powder. Add a few drops of rubbing alcohol and pat the powder back into place. If it’s too dry just add a few more drops. Leave the powder uncovered overnight. In the morning it will be dry and ready to use.

Lips Service Chill

There’s also nothing quite as frustrating as opening a tube of lipstick only to find that it is bent or broken, but it’s totally fixable. First, gently remove the broken section and place it on a clean piece of wax paper. Twist the remaining lipstick up as far as possible and also place it on the wax paper. Using a blow dryer on low, heat the base of the remaining lipstick and the bottom of the broken half. Gently press the two pieces together and smooth the sides. Put the lipstick in the fridge and it will be as good as new in a few hours.

New Film

What happens if the product looks just fine but somehow isn’t performing like it used to? Powder formulations of blushes and eye shadows are particularly susceptible to losing their pigmented qualities. Quite often, this is due to the hard film building up on the makeup’s surface, which is created by natural oils on fingers and brushes. To revive your favorite shade, simply press a piece of packing tape on the product. Then, gently peel away the tape to reveal the refreshed product.

What was your most recent makeup tragedy? Do you have any restoration tips to share?