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February 14, 2017 By
  • Beauty-Hacks

New, natural, and effective makeup removers

No more excuses! Whether you are still sleeping with your makeup on (stop!), aren’t convinced by your current regime, or just want to find some alternatives, here are some ways to wash away the day.

Natural solutions in the the kitchen

For bio beauty mavens, the kitchen is a cheap and easy access resource for makeup removal. This is especially true for water-proof products whose adhesive nature can be difficult to combat. Standard solutions often include oils like coconut and olive. Impressing us with their simplicity, makeup seems to melt off under them, while keeping your skin hydrated and protected. If you’re combatting acne inflammation, cucumber may be a “cool” choice. Mashed and mixed with olive oil, it can be used as a paste-like cleanser. Honey, baking soda, aloe and milk (yes, milk) have all been tested by beauty bloggers, so if you’re looking for a natural solution, these are great alternatives worth exploring as well.

Try One of Grandma’s Beauty Staples

The cold cream and baby oil in grandma’s medicine cabinet might seem hopelessly old-fashioned, but there’s still merit in the classics. Since they are oil-based, they can cut through the heavier products that other makeup removers can’t. If you have skin that isn’t particularly sensitive, oily or acne-prone, cold cream will leave your skin feeling silky and moisturized. If you love the ritual, but are concerned about clogged pores, then opt for a cold cream with beeswax. Beeswax functions as an emollient by sealing in moisture without congesting your skin, ensuring pores remain free and breathable.

Test Something New

If going au natural, or reaching for the old-faithful solutions aren’t your style, it could be time to test out one of the beauty world’s newer makeup removal solutions. A French-beauty staple, micellar water, is made up of oil molecules in soft water. It’s been making headlines for its ability to remove an entire face’s worth of makeup without water, rinsing, or cleansing. For best effect, soak a cotton ball generously with micellar water and place it gently around the eyes, face, and lips – refraining from wiping motions, opting for concentrated holds. This allows the makeup to disintegrate from the skin’s surface without tugging or pulling.

Need something that can remove makeup in a single swipe? Reach for cleansing oil, which whizzes through makeup without leaving skin greasy – even for oily types.

There’s a plethora of ways and new products to remove makeup. In order to complement your skin’s needs, you’ll need to do your research, trust your skin, and find the solution that works best for you.