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February 14, 2017 By
  • Trends

Wearable Metallic Lip For Everyday

Love the metallic lip look? The trend has been making a serious impression on the beauty world and isn’t going away anytime soon. Though those lips with a chrome/metal finish look epic on Instagram, can you really pull them off in the real world? We say yes. Here’s how.

Enhance your favorite matte lip product

Metallic lips are the perfect look for makeup lovers who enjoy blending products for creative results with a few simple steps. To make it work everyday, just enhance your favorite matte lipstick with Liquid Metal Eyeshadow. After you freshly apply your matte lipstick, like our Catrice Matt Lip Artist, simply blend a touch of it onto the upper lip and voila you have a metallic ombré effect.

Embrace your inner lazy-girl

For day, metallic lips look best with a clean and minimal makeup look everywhere else on the face. Use a light foundation to even out your complexion, apply one coat of mascara, and opt for a neutral eye. That’s all you need and it’s actually a perfect look when you are in a rush. The same rule applies in the evenings too. Just try a bolder shade of lipstick.

Give your go-to highlighter the day off

In addition to keeping the rest of your makeup minimal when rocking a metallic lip, it’s also a good idea to keep highlighting light. However, there’s no reason you can’t make use of your contouring chops to enhance your lips. Metallic lipsticks are great for creating dimension, and when layered over a matte shade in the center of your bottom lip, it creates a more defined pout.

So, will you be trying the metallic lip trend soon? Or, are you already a devotee? How do you make it work for you?